Edward Thompson, Jr.

Ed Thompson is responsible for the California programs of American Farmland Trust. Ed has has served in multiple positions Trust and helped initiate a wide variety of projects since joining the staff in 1981. Innovations he has advanced include American Farmland Trust’s first strategic plan, the Farmland Information Center, the federal Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program, the Farming on the Edge report and the concept of Agricultural Conservation Easements.

He was instrumental in establishing Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements programs in Pennsylvania and Montgomery County, Maryland, and in publishing key reports such as Alternatives for Future Urban Growth in California’s Central Valley; The Future Is Now: Central Valley Farmland at the Tipping Point; and Think Globally, Eat Locally: San Francisco Foodshed Assessment.

Thompson’s career before joining American Farmland Trust includes serving as Washington counsel for the Environmental Defense Fund and director of the Agricultural Lands Project for the National Association of Counties. He holds a B.A. from Cornell University and a J.D. from George Washington University, and has published extensively on farmland preservation issues.