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The 2021 Assembly virtual sessions will be held once a week each Thursday starting on January 28th and ending on February 18th. There will be two sessions per day, with the first one starting at 9 am and the second one starting at 10:45 am.


Session One: The Dispute for Water in the Bay-Delta Watershed

Session Two: Reducing Inequality through Better Groundwater Management

Session Three: Displacement: The Achilles heel of “Smart Growth” Advocacy

Session Four: Before and After: Planning for the Growing Wildfire Threat

Session Five: How do we conserve 30% of California’s land and water?

Session Six: Moving Towards Renewable Energy in the 21st Century

Session Seven: Undoing the Damages of the Trump Administration and Moving Forward

Session Eight: Climate Change Mitigation and Protecting Disadvantaged Communities

Q&A and Chat Logs

Assembly Day 1

Assembly Day 2

Assembly Day 3

Assembly Day 4


Session One

Flaws in the California Voluntary Agreements Proposal

Session Two

Reducing Inequality through Better Groundwater Management PPT

Session Three

Understanding Displacement in the California Context PPT

Addressing Smart Growth Without Displacement PPT

Session Four

Fire Safe Planning: Shaping the California Battlefield PPT

Affordable Housing Developers & the Growing Wildfire Threat PPT

Drought, Wind, and Flammable Communities PPT

Session Five

30 x 30 Background PPT

Session Six

California’s Climate & Energy Goals & Potential Land Requirements PPT

Session Seven

Reversing Trump Rollbacks PPT

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