The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is California’s premier environmental law and is a powerful tool for public participation. It allows public agencies to make informed decisions about activities that could degrade public health and damage the environment. It also provides California residents the legal framework to hold their public agencies accountable for decisions that may substantially alter the quality of their lives.

Having played a central role in the development of CEQA, PCL and PCL Foundation are committed to ensuring that the public is aware of CEQA, is trained to be confident and effective CEQA participants, and understands how it protects and involves local communities.

In an effort to equip Californians with the tools necessary to partake in the process, we have compiled an array of useful information here, as a single resource for all your CEQA needs. From the “CEQA Guidelines and Statutes” to best practice tips on “How to Deliver Your Comments Effectively,” all of it can be found in this section.


Our CEQA Workshops

Learn about our introductory community workshops on the fundamentals of CEQA.

Community Guide to CEQA

This Guide is intended to help laypersons use the power of CEQA to influence decisions that will affect their environment. We have updated the Guide for 2017 and will have that available for our workshops.

Get Familiar with CEQA

Learn the process order, first steps and language associated with the environmental review process.

Public Participation in CEQA

Throughout the environmental review process there are many opportunities for the public to get involved. See how you can be most effective when participating.

CEQA Statutes, Guidelines, & Case Law

Get the specifics on CEQA’s statutes, guidelines, and relevant case law.

Climate Change and CEQA

Read the Climate Change CEQA memo (PDF) focused on assessing and limiting California’s contributions to climate change through the use of CEQA.

Find Legislation and Your Representative

Helpful websites to find legislation you are interested in, and your representatives to contact.

CEQA Works Coalition

A coalition of civic, conservation, environmental justice, labor, preservation, and public health groups launched CEQA Works.