What to Do:

1)  Review the Initial Study, the Negative Declaration, and any proposed mitigation measures.

2)  Note any omissions or errors in these documents through written or oral comments submitted to the lead agency in the appropriate timeframe.

3)  Justify your position with substantial evidence (e.g. contrary substantial evidence that, despite revisions, the project may still have a significant adverse environmental effect).

When reviewing and commenting on the Initial Study:

  • Is there substantial evidence to support the agency’s conclusions?
  • Did the Initial Study:

o Evaluate the entire project? (or is it being chopped into smaller pieces?)

o Describe the existing environmental setting?
o Calculate baseline conditions?
o Adequately address cumulative impacts?

o Determine whether the project would contribute directly or indirectly to the generation of new greenhouse gas emissions?

o Determine if the project would be a “catalyst” for future development?

When reviewing and commenting on the proposed mitigation measures:

  • Is there substantial evidence supporting the claim that revisions have reduced or avoided potential significant impacts?