Workshop Background

Since 1998, the PCL Foundation has offered introductory community workshops focusing on the fundamentals of CEQA. This workshop series focuses on presenting useful information about CEQA, and is especially intended to empower local residents and local environmental and social justice groups with the ability to affect decisions at the local level that will fundamentally determine the future of their community.

Workshop sign

Who Should Attend

Participants include individuals, non-profits, agency staff, policymakers, environmental advocates and community leaders. The PCL Foundation usually has between 50 and 75 participants at each workshop, depending on the community and its need.

Arranging a Workshop

PCL Foundation offers workshops as a benefit to the community. We do not have grant funding for this program so we charge a sliding scale fee for service to cover our costs of staff time and the cost of the “Community Guide to CEQA.” To learn more details, and how you can schedule a workshop in your community, please contact our staff.

Workshop Program

Each CEQA Workshop has the same general outline with specific local examples. For ease of instruction, the Workshop Agenda closely parallels the “Community Guide to CEQA” and contains information on CEQA’s Purpose, Power, and Process, 3-step evaluation process, and negative or mitigated negative declarations. We also discuss climate change and CEQA, and spend time discussing Environmental Impact Reports.

Practical work is done in sessions on how to formulate and present comments, to prepare activists.