There are many reasons to get involved in a project undergoing a CEQA review. Everyone who gets involved must learn new terms, acronyms, and language associated with the environmental review process. We are here to help. Below are some helpful tools for those just getting their feet wet with CEQA.

CEQA Land Use Hierarchy Diagram (PDF)

Discover how the rules governing land use (i.e., permits, specific plans, general plans, etc.) fit into the overall picture.

CEQA Flow Chart (PDF)

Learn about the steps involved in the environmental review process and when the opportunities exist for public comment.

CEQA Acronyms

Navigate your way through all the CEQA acronyms and become an expert.

CEQA Environmental Checklist (PDF)

Created as a part of CEQA, the Environmental Checklist, also known as Appendix G, is used by lead agencies to analyze potential environmental impacts of a project.

CEQA Notice Request Template (aka 21092.2 letter) (PDF)

Use this template to request CEQA notices for a particular project.