This is the Year of Housing in the Capitol (not officially, but you wouldn’t know it from the more than 130 bills introduced on the subject).

PCL is deep in the race, focusing on high-impact CEQA, natural resource, local initiative, and land use bills.  Last month, we reviewed 2,757 introduced bills, identified more than 50 affecting our core interests, and prioritized 15 of them based on their impact.  In addition, we are tracking another 26 and may engage on them if necessary to prevent negative impacts on the environment.

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    CEQA is a dynamic law used by every California public agency in its planning and decision-making. Learn about CEQA and the public’s role in the environmental review process.

    Learn about CEQA
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    Our Water Program focuses on developing and implementing sustainable and equitable water policies for California.

    Learn about our Water Program
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    Land Use & Transportation

    PCL and our partners work to fundamentally change our land use patterns for improved local communities, wildlife, public health, and our natural environment.

    Learn about land planning
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    PCL 50/50 Vision

    See our 50 years of success in protecting millions of acres of local parks, wildlife habitats, lakes, rivers, and more.

    See our successes