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The mission of the Planning and Conservation League is to protect and restore California’s natural environment, and to promote and defend the health and safety of Californians through legislative and administrative action.

The PCL Foundation is the research arm of PCL. Its mission is to engage in cutting-edge public policy research that educates and empowers local communities to participate in decision-making processes that will help protect California’s environment.


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PCL envisions a California in which all its residents are connected with their government in shaping the State into the worldwide leader in developing sustainable and thriving communities that ensure a healthy environment and sound economy for all.


In striving to achieve our mission and vision, the PCL team seeks always (and in all ways) to be:

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    Providing the rationale for our actions, and encouraging honest dialogue to help raise the level of public discourse about important issues.

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    Valuing the power of relationships, building broad-based coalitions, and empowering local communities to collectively steward our shared environment.

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    Being innovative and forward-thinking as we strive to make California a national and global model of sustainability.

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    Advocating passionately for those positions we believe are right and necessary, regardless of popular opinion.

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    Taking ownership of our own actions and demanding the same from others to tackle the most pressing environmental issues facing California today.

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    We are committed to educating the public, policy-makers, and stakeholders about California’s environmental needs and best solutions. See our workshops.