PCL and PCL Foundation have been at the forefront of many of California’s leading environmental laws and policies since 1965. Our work includes coalition building, legislative and lobbying work, and workshops and publications. PCL and PCL Foundation work closely together on environmental issues, with PCL focusing on legislation and PCL Foundation working on education and outreach. In addition to the campaigns below, see our current projects or PCL’s legislative watchlist.

  • Sacramento, California


    We work passionately every day to keep CEQA strong and available to protect your community.

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  • clean drinking water from a fountain


    PCL works statewide to promote a new water vision for California. We can meet our needs while preserving our flowing rivers and our Delta.

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  • range cattle near Chico

    Land Use & Transportation

    PCL is the only statewide environmental group making land use policy a top priority, and we are a statewide leader in making alternative transportation strategies work.

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    50-50 Vision

    For over 50 years, PCL has preserved our lands, safeguarded our water, and worked for clean air and transportation – and we will into the future.

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