Eileen Rice – Secretary

Eileen is an attorney and environmental advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area with a lifelong passion for protection and conservation of the natural world. Eileen studied environmental and public interest law at University of San Francisco School of Law, and spent the early days of her legal career working with San Francisco BayKeeper, Earthjustice’s International Program, and representing local and indigenous communities in their CEQA, NEPA, and Clean Water Act challenges to industrial pollution and land use decisions. She was appointed appellate counsel for indigent youth and adult offenders in the Fifth, Second, and Sixth District Courts of Appeal and before the California Supreme Court. In her current practice, Eileen litigates employment discrimination and labor suits, and advises small and large organizations on compliance with employment laws. She is an avid trail runner and hiker, certified yoga instructor, and a Rescue and Response Volunteer with the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.