Howard Penn

Executive Director

Howard is a Philanthropreneur combining his for-profit experiences of 30+ years in the financial, technology, and hospitality fields with his non-profit consulting and board experiences.  Between starting businesses and co-founding non-profits, he has helped develop pathways for private sector businesses to integrate with value-based strategies and partner with NGO’s of all types to promote sustainable economic, cultural, and environmental solutions.

After founding his first business in college, he co-founded an international economic development company that used micro-enterprise, sustainable and cultural tourism, and in-country workshops to promote local businesses and services in over 50 countries on six continents. These efforts strived to replace destructive resource extraction programs, unfair labor practices, and culturally harmful policies with opportunities that provided long-term sustainable economic and environmental benefits to local communities.  This dynamic work across the globe encouraged Howard to continue his work at home in California with local, statewide, and national NGO’s focusing on water policy, land use, local community planning, and economic development.

On a personal front, Howard found combining his entrepreneurial business efforts and value-oriented non-profit passions an effective confluence of his life’s goal — give back more than you take.  While professionally guiding rivers and mountains around the globe, Howard experienced cultures and communities that gave more than they received.  This inspired his professional and volunteer work to focus on the intersectionality of complex, multi-sector issues.

Howard is honored to have the opportunity to lead PCL, with its diverse and successful history, into another decade of accomplishments.

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