As our name shows, the Planning and Conservation League is a collection of organizations and activists working to improve our communities, water, air, open space and habitat, using the legislative process. Contact us to learn how you too can become involved with the work that we do, and learn how to support PCL.

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CEQA Works

PCL helped create a robust coalition to protect the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the most powerful environmental law in California. See our CEQA Works partners, a broad coalition of civic, conservation, environmental justice, historic preservation, and public health groups, as well as business leaders.

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Everyday Heroes

Read about our partners in  “CEQA Everyday Heroes Protect the Air We Breathe, the Water We Drink, and the Natural Areas We Prize: Thirty-five Years of the California Environmental Quality Act.” In case after case, ordinary citizens have used CEQA, resulting in cleaner air, cleaner water, preservation of habitat for animals and plant species, and, above all, better planning.

PCL leads CEQA workshops that can teach you how to protect your community, too, and be another PCL partner.