Review of Environmental Leadership Development Projects

Read a review of recent environmental projects examined under CEQA.

Residential Impact Fees in California

A study examining the use of impact fees and their effects on residential development.

CEQA Fact Sheet

Learn what makes CEQA the primary environmental law in California.

Pro-CEQA Letter to the Legislature and Governor 

A sign on letter from environmental groups to the governor and legislature supporting strong CEQA legislation.

CEQA Litigation Analysis

Analysis of the Litigation conducted using CEQA

CEQA and Housing Report

A report on the relationship between CEQA and Housing and whether CEQA affects overall housing production

Annual Planning Survey Results (2012)

Results of the annual planning survey which asks local governments to identify their housing and transportation goals.

CEQA in the 21st Century

A report on the role of CEQA in recent development projects.

CEQA Land Use Hierarchy Diagram

Discover how the rules governing land use (i.e., permits, specific plans, general plans, etc.) fit into the overall picture.

CEQA Flow Chart

Learn about the steps involved in the environmental review process and when the opportunities exist for public comment.

CEQA Environmental Checklist

Created as a part of CEQA, the Environmental Checklist, also known as Appendix G, is used by lead agencies to analyze potential environmental impacts of a project.

CEQA Notice Request Template 

Use this template to request CEQA notices for a particular project.

Examples of Effective CEQA Comments 

When formulating your own comments, use these examples to guide you along the way.

Share Your CEQA Story with PCL

We want to highlight the successes of concerned members like you who have made a difference in their community through the utilization of the CEQA process. By sharing your success stories you will be helping to inform and empower concerned citizens to take action in their communities.