CEQA Works is producing three videos demonstrating how CEQA protects communities and the environment. The first of these videos has been released.

Below the video player is a description of the current video and more information on CEQA Works.

Warehouse project in South Fresno:  This video describes how a small community in South Fresno, represented by Ashley Werner and the Leadership Counsel, used CEQA to stop a large warehouse project that would have threatened the health of its residents.

CEQA Works has revamped its website and added new supporters — now over 200 organizations! The new website includes a description of recent CEQA successes and a list of helpful studies and articles. Several CEQA cases are featured here.

Future videos include:

Oil drilling in Kern County:  This video describes how the Center for Race, Poverty & the Environment used CEQA to block oil drilling in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Arvin. The video also describes a CEQA lawsuit brought by a coalition of environmental justice groups and others to challenge a Kern County ordinance that would streamline the permitting of oil and gas drilling throughout the County.

Newhall Ranch case:  This video will explain how environmental groups used CEQA to address the climate impacts of one of the largest residential projects ever considered in Los Angeles County. As a result of this case, CEQA is now the principal tool local governments use to ensure that projects’ greenhouse gases are assessed and reduced to the extent feasible.

CEQA Works has continued to produce pro-CEQA op-eds and letters to the editor. You can see some of these articles here. Stay tuned.