To help local communities effectively participate in the environmental review process, the Planning and Conservation League Foundation developed the Community Guide to CEQA. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires that the environmental impacts of proposed development projects be rigorously evaluated, and that feasible mitigation measures or alternatives be adopted prior to project approval. The Workshop and Community Guide will help you understand the CEQA process and give you the tools to participate effectively.

The Revised Community Guide to CEQA

PCL Foundation has updated its “Community Guide to CEQA.” Please email us to inquire the latest Community Guide.

In March 1997, PCL Foundation first produced the “Community Guide to CEQA,” and it was later revised in 2002, 2007. and most recently in the spring of 2017. Additionally, the Guide’s author, Bill Yeates, has incorporated specifics on global climate change, water assessment and water supply as they relate to CEQA.