California 2030:  Local Actions for a Global Impact

OCTOBER 10, 2015

PCL’s first UCLA Symposium brought together many local and state leaders to address what local actions can do to reach our state and global goals.

The Symposium included lively discussions on local government initiatives, including:

  • Measure R2 in 2016 – a $90 billion, 45-year transportation funding initiative that could put LA on a track to be California’s most transit-oriented and transit-friendly city and greatly improve walk-ability and bike-ability
  • Mayor Garcetti’s recently announced the “Sustainable City pLAn” covering “Environment, Equity and Economy” measures to make LA sustainable over the next 20 years, and major changes in LA’s road systems to increase bike and pedestrian usage

PCL thanks the attendees and sponsors who supported the Symposium on Oct 10, 2015 at the UCLA School of Law to explore the changes California needs to make to meet the climate challenge. That support is essential to our continued success in addressing and finding solutions to questions such as:

  • How can we create great cities that are both carbon neutral and a joy to live in?
  • What investments are most important to shape this future?
  • How do we fund these investments?

Symposium Materials