PCL launched the Local Climate Action Initiative in 2007 to help local communities across California adopt and better enforce policies that cut the carbon footprint of new development in their region. The Initiative is a venue for community organizations that feel a sense of urgency in wanting to address climate change, and are seeking the tools to create meaningful local victories.

Local Climate Action Workshops

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PCL Foundation is holding a series of Local Climate Action Initiative workshops across California, providing practical information and facilitating strategy building to help organizations choose wisely among the plethora of emerging engagement opportunities. We have published a Climate Action Toolkit that is presented at each workshop – see below. In addition, we help connect communities and individuals working on similar issues.

Workshop goals include:

  • Helping incubate and accelerate local campaigns to cut the carbon footprint of new development
  • Harnessing the collective power of local action for local and statewide success
  • Mapping out promising policy venues, strategies, and tactics for successful local campaigns.

To request a workshop in your community, please contact us.

Climate Action Toolkit

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The Local Climate Action Toolkit 2008 (1.5MB PDF) is a how-to manual for community organizations that want to lower the carbon footprint of new growth in their area by working with their local governments to develop sound development policies. It will help you identify potential projects and policies, review the political landscape in your area, and map out your strategies for a successful campaign.

Global Climate Change – You Can Help

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Here are a few ways you can cut greenhouse gas emissions and make your community more resilient to global warming:

  • Talk to your social network about the emissions trajectory of your community. Are you going to allow it to keep going up? If not, what can be done? (Talk to PCL for more resources)
  • Meet with your city planners to see if they are considering global warming in their decisions.
  • Take a look at your personal carbon footprint. Where would it be most effective to trim? Make it a fun family challenge.
  • Make a pledge to shift more of your travel to public transit, biking, and walking. You’ll likely feel healthier when you’re done.