Making connections between coastal land use practices and growing impacts to marine resources is the focus of PCL Foundation’s Coast and Ocean Regional Roundtable (CORRT) Project. Among the most urgent issues are transport of land-based contaminants and pollutants via coastal streams discharging to the ocean, degraded wildlife habitat and coastal watershed ecosystems, and impacts to wetlands and beaches from nonpoint source pollution associated with urban and rural runoff.

PCL Foundation is taking action to conduct the CORRT Project in three coastal counties:

  • Santa Cruz
  • Monterey
  • San Luis Obispo

CORRT will provide a platform to establish a strategic nexus between land-based and marine conservation programs within each county. At the regional level, these relationships are not likely to develop without a distinct mechanism to create innovative dialogue about the impact of land-use policy decisions on marine resources. CORRT can help to meet that need at the regional level, catalyzing critical action for collaborative efforts to improve coastal and marine resources.