Welcome to the Legislative Scorecard! Here you can view your Legislators and where they stand on supporting PCL’s efforts. Click on any column to sort by that category. (Note: House refers to State Assembly)

  • Total Score – Each bill we support or oppose is assigned a score (Support = 1, Oppose = -1). When there is a vote on the bill on the floor or in committee, the Legislator is assigned a score based on how they voted (voting No on a bill we oppose results in a score of +1). The Scores are then totaled for each bill we are tracking.
  • Possible Vote Score – The maximum score the Legislator could have earned by voting based on PCL’s positions. Absences and abstained votes are included in the score.
  • Vote Index – The percentage of the time the legislator voted according to PCL’s position.

Sponsoring a bill also earns the legislator a +1 per positive bill sponsored and a -1 per negative bill sponsored.

(Clicking on the Bill Score tab shows which bills contributed to each Legislator’s score)

2022 Legislative Scorecard

Click here to see the bills we are tracking in the California Legislature!