Perez-iding Over the Assembly: New Leader Could Be Champion for Environment, Public Health

Last week, the Assembly Democratic Caucus elected John Pérez, a freshman from Los Angeles, to be the new Speaker of the Assembly.

While Mr. Pérez did not earn a 100% score from either the California League of Conservation Voters or Sierra Club California during his first year in office, he has built close ties to the environmental community. For example, he successfully championed legislation that will help ensure that residents of Maywood in Southern California have access to clean drinking water.

We’re hopeful that Pérez will use his power as Speaker to protect California’s environment and public health. With the growing attacks on California’s most fundamental environmental and public health protections, we need leaders in both the Senate and Assembly who understand the importance of clean air and water, smart and sustainable land use choices, and fighting global warming.

The Planning and Conservation League is excited to work with Speaker-Elect Pérez in 2010 as we fight to save our state’s bedrock environmental and public health protections.