Campaign to Stop California’s Global Warming Law May Not Attract Cash

Last week, news emerged that Freshman Assemblymember Dan Logue’s drive to place an initiative on the November ballot to suspend AB 32, California’s landmark clean energy and global warming law, wasn’t attracting many financial contributors. Although Logue told reporters that he has $600,000 “committed” for the signature-gathering effort, others within his camp questioned those estimates, painting a picture of a disorganized, poorly-funded fringe attack effort. Anti-tax advocate Ted Costa admitted to The New York Times that the campaign desperately needed cash. And while Logue tries to drum up support, more and more businesses are showing their commitment to green jobs by speaking out in support of AB 32, including 900 members of the California Green Business Alliance.

Derailing efforts to reduce California’s greenhouse gas emissions would damage our state – destabilizing our growing clean energy economy and increasing our dependence on dirty, expensive fuels from hostile, foreign governments. We need to continue to remind all Californians of the power of our new global warming policies to revive our stagnant economy, create new jobs, protect our health, and safeguard the climate.