Joint Letter at Democratic Convention Urges Delegates to Oppose Water Bond

Leading California Democrats are joining environmentalists, consumer advocates and environmental justice groups in urging Democratic Party activists to oppose an $11 billion water bond slated for the November ballot. In a joint letter being distributed at this weekend’s convention of the California Democratic Party in Los Angeles, signatories call the bond measure “ill-timed, unaffordable [and] loaded with political pork.”

The bond does little to address our immediate water needs or to create a more sustainable water future. Instead, it funds outdated and environmentally destructive projects like massive new dams. This water bond was larded up with extras during behind-the-scenes deal-making, which ultimately made it the largest water bond ever placed on the ballot, at a time when our state is facing historic, crushing budget deficits.

Democratic leaders who signed the letter urging Democratic Party activists to reject this bond include: Former Attorney General John Van de Kamp, Senators Mark Leno (D), Lois Wolk (D), Leland Yee (D), former Senator Byron Sher (D), Assembly Members Tom Ammiano (D), Joan Buchanan (D), Noreen Evans (D), and environmental organizations throughout the California including the Sierra Club, the Planning and Conservation League and Food and Water Watch. For a full list of signatories please click here.