PCL Adds SB 375 Information to its Resource Center

In keeping with its tradition of providing important, relevant and timely information to the public, the Planning and Conservation League has added a section on SB 375 (Steinberg 2008) to its Resource Center.  As you may recall, SB 375 – California’s Sustainable Communities Planning Act was enacted to help California fight global warming by addressing the vehicle miles an average California family travels – one of the largest and most rapidly growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions   In order to reduce vehicle miles traveled, SB 375 encourages transportation infrastructure that redirects new growth to places where people already live and work.

In the coming weeks, all Metropolitan Planning Organizations (a fancy phrase for organized regions of the state) will be setting emissions reduction targets and sending them to the California Air Resources Board for approval.  Now is the time to get involved! Learn how you as a California resident can influence the creation of Sustainable Communities Strategies in your region of the state.