One Step Closer To Getting The Lead Out

At the end of May, the House Energy and Commerce Committee passed the Get the Lead Out Act (H.R. 5289), which would reduce the national limit for lead content in plumbing and water fixtures from 8% to 0.25%. The bill, authored by Representative Anna Eshoo (D-Palo Alto), would effectively eliminate a major source of exposure to lead, a known health hazard and environmental contaminant.

Though lead exposure has been linked to kidney disease, hypertension, and brain damage, this heavy metal is still found in household and public drinking water fixtures at alarming concentrations. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that up to 20 percent of human lead exposure originates from eroding faucets.

Following its passage by the House committee, the Get the Lead Out Act will move to the full House for a floor vote. The Planning and Conservation League is happy to support this measure which will ensure that all Americans are protected from toxic levels of lead in their drinking water.