Gov Appoints Controversial Real Estate Exec to CA Transportation Commission

This week Governor Schwarzenegger appointed Fran Inman, Vice President of Majestic Realty Co., to the California Transportation Commission.

This is the second public boon for Majestic Realty in the past 12 months. Last October, the Legislature and Governor handed Majestic an unprecedented exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act for a 75,000-seat football stadium in the City of Industry.

Inman’s potential position with the Commission could prove highly profitable for Majestic Realty. The Commission is responsible for allocating funds for the construction of highway, rail and transit improvements throughout California, and for advising cabinet officials and the Legislature. Majestic, it so happens, owns much highway-adjacent property including the site of the proposed football stadium.

Before serving on the commission, Inman must first be confirmed by the Senate.