Fresh off the Press: California Can Save a Million Acre-Feet of Water Each Year

Last Wednesday the Pacific Institute released its latest report, California’s Next Million Acre-Feet: Saving Water, Energy, and Money. The report finds by improving water use efficiency California can quickly save a million acre feet of water annually.

To reach the million acre-feet, the report recommends specific actions to reduce urban and agricultural demand. The urban savings can be achieved by installing efficient appliances such as washing machines, dual flush toilets and replacing lawns with water efficient native vegetation. The agricultural savings would come from similar technological improvements such as sprinkler and drip irrigation, using weather based irrigation scheduling that provides water only as it is needed and using gravity based water delivery systems.

The Pacific Institute’s recommended actions would be funded through existing rebate programs, pricing and regulations, as well as education programs. These measures could save urban water users $99 per acre foot. To read the full report click here.