“How to…” Sessions Offer New Tools and New Skills Sets

If you need to acquire some much needed skills — the Planning and Conservation League and Foundation are offering two “How To…” sessions at its January Symposium that will build your social media and collaboration skills.

How To… Utilize Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter, Digg to MySpace, the social media landscape is changing every day and yesterday’s map is outdated before the ink is dry. With the right approach to social media tools and platforms it is easy to do more than just stay found on the web, you can also get some tangible value from a venture into the new venues. This presentation aims to inform the audience about the types of platforms that exist, their current incarnations, and how to decide which ones (if any) fit your organization’s goals.

  • Sean Rossall, Fiona Hutton & Associates

How To… Develop a Collaborative Governing Process

Bringing groups and individuals together to work for mutual goals, via formal and informal collaborations, has proven to be a powerful engine for change and an equally powerful consumer of time and energy. Come learn how to design and engage in processes that are durable and productive.  We’ll cover everything from recruitment, dominating personalities, agenda design, and facilitation strategies to creating a multi-year effort – tricks, tips, processes, and strategies for creative collaborations.

  • Katie Burdick, Cosumnes American Bear Yuba Watershed Plan

The Symposium is Saturday, January 29, 2011 at the Sheraton in downtown Sacramento.  Early bird (discounted) registration is available through December 31.   Register early to ensure you have a seat at this annual event!