Water Panels Bring Experts Together at PCL/PCLF Symposium

California’s water sources and uses have been at the forefront of many recent discussions. The 2011 PCL/PCLF Annual Symposium will have two panels that continue this important debate.

What is Next for California Water?

In the midst of a third consecutive year of drought, Californians have reduced their water use and the Legislature has recently passed a package of water bills. However, much still needs to be done, especially given the expected decline in water supply reliability due to the effects of climate change and population growth.

This panel will focus on how recent new polices have been implemented, and what action steps are still needed to alleviate the water crisis.

  • Chair Phil Isenberg Delta Stewardship Council
  • Assembly member Jared Huffman
  • Senator Lois Wolk

Groundwater: What Lies Beneath?

Scores of communities throughout the state depend on drinking water pumped from underground aquifers; however, until now, the amount of water left in groundwater basins was not being measured.  Recent legislation now requires the state to monitor how much water is available as a management and planning tool. This panel will discuss these new policies and what is next in the regulatory pipeline for California groundwater.

  • Laurel Firestone, Community Water Center
  • Dennis O’Connor, Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water (invited)
  • Mary Scruggs, Department of Water Resources

PCL/ PCLF’s Symposium will be held Saturday, January 29, 2011 at the Sheraton in downtown Sacramento.  Early bird (discounted) registration is still available through December 31.  Register early to make sure you have a seat at this annual event!