What Westland’s Withdrawal Means to BDCP

This week Westlands Water District (Westlands) issued a press release withdrawing its participation from the Bay Delta Conservation Plan process.  Jean P. Sagouspe, the President of Westlands’ Board wrote to the Department of Interior, “As a public agency, Westlands cannot continue to spend millions of our ratepayers’ dollars on a project that is likely to deliver no more and potentially less water to the public than they are receiving today.” 

There is overwhelming scientific consensus that diversions from the Delta must be reduced in order for its ecosystem to be revived.  Although Westlands does not like the broad scientific consensus, they are beginning to realize that diversions will be reduced, not increased.

Westlands’ withdrawal does create the possibility that the other parties to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, including the yet-to-be appointed Brown appointees, will be able to develop a reasonable approach that will provide what everyone really needs, not just what some want.