From Efficient Economies to Cougar Crossings, Symposium Offers Wide Array of Session Topics

These two featured sessions on natural resource economics and wildlife corridors were selected based on feedback from our members and past Symposium participants. Discover how our relationships with the world and its resources, have the ability to impact our economy, society and even our furry friends in the natural world.

Natural Resource Economics: Can We Afford to Save the Planet?

How do you know the true cost of clear cutting an old growth forest – or the true cost of driving your 10 year old to school each day?  Those that practice natural resource economics do the math for us.  Sometimes the reality – the price we pay – isn’t what we would like, but what changes will need to be made to lessen the impacts to our environment and keep the economy moving at the same time? This panel will focus on understanding natural resource economics, recognizing the limitations of market trends, and connecting those issues to climate and energy policies in California.

  • Dr. Charles Cicchetti, Navigant Consulting
  • S. David Freeman, formerly Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Tiffany Roberts, Legislative Analyst’s Office

Roads, Wildlife, and Wilderness

Roadkill – we’ve all seen it, but have you ever wondered how to prevent it?  Just like humans, animals are on the move.  They use ridgetops, canyons and streams to reach other habitats.  Often time their movement corridors are impeded by roads, housing developments, and other barriers.  This panel will discuss the shifting policies of roadway planning and design, cooperative agreements between agencies that improve wildlife movement, and new strategies that can be adopted in California to augment policies and planning efforts.

  • Lisa Lyren, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Amy Pettler, Caltrans
  • Dr. Ray Sauvajot, National Park Service

The Symposium is Saturday, January 29, 2011 at the Sheraton in downtown Sacramento.  Early bird (discounted) registration is available through December 31.   Register early to ensure you have a seat at this annual event!