Test Tube Salmon, It’s What’s For Dinner

The Food and Drug Administration will soon be making the decision whether or not they should unleash genetically engineered (GE) salmon into our food supply. GE salmon are engineered to grow twice as fast as real wild salmon and GE would be the first “transgenic” animal that could end up on your plate. Most alarmingly, currently there is no requirement the GE salmon to be labeled. This means, there is the potential you will not know you are eating a genetically engineered fish.

To date there is negligible research regarding the implications on human health and environmental impacts of GE salmon. There is grave concern GE salmon could threaten public health, wipe out wild salmon populations, diminish biodiversity of marine environments and further drive the unhealthy trend of producing more of the fish we eat in overcrowded, unhealthy factory fish farms.

Luckily, both President Obama and Congress have the power to stop GE salmon in its tracks. Recently, two pieces of federal legislation have been introduced, in both the House and Senate, which would stop GE salmon from entering U.S. food supply. S. 230 (Beglich, D-AK)/H.R. 521 (Young, R-AK) and the companion bills S. 229/ H.R. 520, would ban GE fish, and require mandatory labeling of all GE fish. These bills need our support. For more information on how to take action, please click here.