MWD’s Largest Agency Rips Metropolitan’s Approach to Fixing the Bay-Delta

The San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) is by far the largest water user from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). In fact if SDCWA was a direct State Water Project Contractor, it would be the third-largest in the state. Recently SDCWA providedCalifornialegislators with a highly critical presentation stressing the regional reduction in the dependence on water transported from the Delta, and the development of regionally self-sufficient resources. Specifically the presentation states:

  • MWD is dependent on water sales revenues from its member agencies – But those revenues cannot be counted on
  • MWD’s water sales are declining sharply – Down 32% since 2008
  • Los Angelesplans to reduce its purchases from MWD by 48%
  • Long Beachis reducing its reliance on imported water supplies from MWD
  • The Water Authority is also increasing local supply development and reducing its water purchases from MWD
  • MWD’s rates are rising sharply – Up 55% since 2008
  • MWD Member Agencies have local supply options available that compare favorably to future MWD supply costs
  • MWD member agencies must commit to paying current and future State Water Project cost but they are unwilling to do so
  • Need firm financing plan and commitments to pay from real parties in interest
  • Delta parties are not at the table
  • Success in the Delta without support of the Delta Community is difficult to envision

These points, quoted verbatim from the presentation, reinforce the call for the resurrected Bay Delta Conservation Plan process to address financing upfront rather than putting it off as their predecessors continued to do; which ultimately led to failure.