Three Months After He Promised – Brown May Not Have a Budget by New Fiscal Year

Just a little over a week after Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the Democratic budget proposal, he stated on Friday that he has every intention of continuing to negotiate with Republican lawmakers on his budget plan. While addressing a group of builders, he stated if we cannot reach a deal on tax extensions “in the next few weeks… we’ll have to go to an initiative, and it will take the better part of a year.” Brown has also been repeatedly quoted saying budget talks could continue over the next few weeks, which would pass the deadline, and lead into next fiscal year.

Democrats and Republicans have been quick to blame the other side for the slowness in getting a budget adopted, with the primary cause being Brown’s desire to extend sales and vehicle taxes until there is an election- something the Republicans do not agree with. GOP lawmakers have gone even further, stating that Brown has yet to take action on the pension and spending policy concessions they have demanded in exchange for an election.

As budget news unfolds over the next weeks, check the Planning and Conservation League Insider for more news.