Kern Commission Smaller Delta Conveyance Study with Surprising Results

The Planning and Conservation League has gained access to a study commissioned by Kern County Water Agency in April of 2010, which provides an analysis of a smaller Delta conveyance (canal or tunnel). The report found conveyance sized at “5,000 cfs provides 86% of benefits of 15,000 cfs” tunnel (Slide 31). The analysis includes a “Potential Alternative Strategy – Construct Smaller Facility Initially – Expand at Later Date.” 

Currently the state-facilitated Bay Delta Conservation Planning process has been tasked with determining what type and size of Delta conveyance will provide reliable water while meeting the needs of the environment. The Kern County Water Agency’s report reinforces PCL’s perspective that a smaller tunnel merits serious consideration.

We are pleased Kern County Water Agency’s responded to PCL’s recommendation to “Analyze the potential for a smaller tunnel to convey some water around the Bay-Delta,” and that the report’s findings are consistent with the points advocated in PCL’s 8 Affordable Water Solution’s for California.