Governor Says Current 2012 Water Bond Won’t Cut It

Regarding the $11.14 billion water bond currently slated for the November 2012 ballot, Governor Brown on Friday stated, “”We have to figure out a way to make it more politically acceptable”.  In its current form, he said, “It won’t pass.” 

By the November 2012 election, the bond language will be three years old. In this three year period our understanding of what is needed and how it can be financed will be further informed by several ongoing processes, including the Delta Plan and new information on conservation achievements and potential. Continuing the same outdated and unrealistic funding plan wastes an opportunity to determine whatCaliforniareally needs to better manage its water and who should pay for different water investments.

Many agree that the $11.14 billion water bond as written should not be placed on the ballot and the amount of new debt represented by the bond as it is currently written is unacceptable. Nor does PCL think we should continue to delay a bond decision, a possible outcome that will ensure an even more outdated and less relevant proposal will eventually be put in front of voters.

Governor Brown’s recent statement agrees with PCL’s recommendation to “Consider a smaller water bond when the economy improves”, first articulated in last year’s   “8 Affordable Water Solutions for California.”