Assemblymember Gordon to Hold Hearing in Palo Alto

On the heels of the Superior Court’s November 10th decision addressed above, Assemblymember Rich Gordon (D-Redwood City) will be leading a hearing and public discussion on High Speed Rail in California tomorrow, Tuesday November 15th. The focus of this hearing will be to address the newly released Draft Business Plan, allowing for public input and identifying areas of concern which will require further focus.  With a new estimated first segment cost projected at $98.5 billion, Assemblymember Gordon feels there are issues that must be discussed.  “I find the business plan comprehensive, but there are still questions that remain unanswered – including how the Authority plans to pay for the nearly $100 billion project…  Myriad concerns have been relayed by residents locally and across the State, and I look forward to their comments and the Authority’s presentation at next week’s hearing.”

To find information about the hearing please click below to be taken to Assemblymember Gordon’s website:

To watch live, click here.