CA’s Water and Food Future to be Discussed at PCL’s Upcoming Environmental Symposium

California is a national leader in food production, but there is mounting concern about the costs, land conversion, and water shortages.  At the same time, significant questions have come up about the role of water in the more developed regions of the state. Two panels at PCL’s annual Environmental Symposium (link) – one focused on our food, the other on water plans – will bring to light some of the concerns we are facing.

The Role of Food in California’s Environmental Future

Our food future may be at risk based on water availability, rising energy costs, loss of critical lands due to sprawl and poor planning, and other critical environmental factors.  This panel will focus on the role of food in California’s environmental future and what changes we may be headed toward, including a greater emphasis on local food production.  Participants will have a better awareness of the connection between food production, energy and water consumption, and environmental protection, and will hear about regulatory trends on food production.

  • Kari Hamerschlag, Environmental Working Group
  • Claudia Reid, Fresh Producers
  • David Runsten, Community Alliance with Family Farmers

Show Me the Water (Plan)

With water and the future of water at the state and local level being of extreme importance in planning for our future communities, the link between water usage and land use planning must be addressed.  This panel will focus on water in the planning process, including General Plan updates, Water Supply Assessments, and environmental review.  Participants will gain tools to engage in the land use process to promote better water use and tools for better connections between land and water will be considered, such as developing Title 24-like standards for water.

  • Curt Johansen, Sustainable Community Partners, LLC
  • Susan Lien Longville, Water Resources Institute
  • Dennis O’Connor, Principal Consultant, CA Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Water

The Annual Environmental Legislative Symposium and Awards Ceremony is Saturday, January 28, 2012 at the Sacramento Convention Center.  Register now to reserve your spot!  If space is still available, you may be able to book room at the Citizen Hotel.