PCL Insider – February 2017 – Shared Values & Shared Future


Our Shared Values and Our Shared Future

Jonas Minton
Senior Water Policy Advisor

Maybe it took the election for Californians to appreciate how many values we share. Reversing climate change for our children and grandchildren. Supporting LGBTQ rights. Respecting a woman’s right to choose. Fighting racial injustice. Valuing and supporting immigrants.

It was apparent at the Women’s Day marches. So many smiles and head nodding for the handmade signs with heartfelt messages. The spirit of unity was overwhelming.

That is why this year PCL has reoriented its annual symposium to be a “Post-Election Threat Assessment and Strategy Session.” Instead of the usual panels with experts communicating outward to attendees, this Assembly will be a working dialogue among environmental and social activists professionally facilitated to include all voices.

Collaboration among environmental groups is always a necessary effort of successful campaigns or policy changes. However we need to go beyond that to bring together the power of joint environmental and human rights advocacy. Only by unifying can we withstand the unprecedented attacks on our shared values.

To jump start that discussion Gina Da Silva, Policy Advocate for the California Immigrant Policy Center will join us on the opening panel about coalition building across multiple advocacy issues. We all have so much to learn and do.

There are still a few spots open for this Assembly. Learn More Here

For organizations facing budget constraints we have full scholarships available to attend the Assembly. To apply for a scholarship please email events@pcl.org with your full name, organization name, and a contact phone number.