PCL Insider – June 2018

Thank You for Voting for a Better California for All!

On June 5th voters passed Proposition 68 (THE CLEAN WATER AND SAFE PARKS ACT) with 57.2% in favor to 42.8% against – almost a million vote margin of victory! The takeaway – Californian’s care about and are willing to invest in smart and equitable conservation projects for our common environment and for our neighborhoods.

Prop 68 includes $1.5 billion for conserving habitats and increasing California’s resiliency to climate change. In addition, there is $1.3 billion for smart water projects and another $1.3 billion for parks (see more spending details in the graphic). Most of the funds will be for grants which require a 20% local match and that will help leverage ten-of-millions more in proactive investments in a better California for all.

One overarching goal of the bond was to help address environmental justice concerns. There has been a paucity of investments in communities in the greatest need for the beneficial impacts of parks to include air quality, green space, health, and a place for children to learn and explore all within walking distance. Prop 68 dedicates funding and waves matching fund requirements to make sure those investments happen and that they can happen now. Today across California there are underserved communities where families cannot turn on the tap and get safe water to drink. Prop 68 will focus water investments to ensure small water systems and others facing contamination get the help they need so all Californians can turn on the tap and drink, cook, and bathe without fear or illness.

Prop 68 was supported by a broad, bipartisan coalition of conservation groups, local park advocates, water experts, and business organizations, that all care about the critical impact of water and parks on our health, economy, and California’s way of life.

PCL and our partners at the National Wildlife Federation took a particular interest in some of the innovative conservation projects including a wildlife crossing over the 101 in the Los Angeles area and we both communicated our support for Prop 68 to our members. In Washington D.C. on election night PCL’s Executive Director, Howard Penn said “PCL is happy to celebrate Proposition 68 winning with National Wildlife Federation. Californians can feel good about supporting the $4.1B investment in our parks, water, and natural resources. We appreciate everyone’s hard work on this initiative and thank Senator DeLeon on his leadership to make this happen for all Californians and special thanks to the voters for making a positive choice for the future of all.”

Planning and Conservation League is proud of your support and vote for Proposition 68. Thank You!

Graphic: Legislative Analyst’s Office: http://www.lao.ca.gov/BallotAnalysis/Proposition?number=68&year=2018