Greening California’s Landscapes: Smart Solutions for a New Era

JANUARY 30, 2010

2010-Symposium-Logo.248The Planning and Conservation League (PCL) and PCL Foundation hosted a solutions-oriented Environmental Legislative Symposium. This annual event brought together 314 activists, business leaders, planners, policy and decision makers, environmental non-profits, students and attorneys. A diverse array of topics and solutions were showcased, and will be the springboard for conservation activities this year.

The Symposium theme for 2010 was “Greening California’s Landscapes: Smart Solutions for a New Era.” Event speakers and participants brought the most innovative, creative, out-of-the-box thinking and expertise to the table to solve our water, land use and global warming issues. A lot of new information was shared and these new solutions can now implemented in other communities.


Tired of hearing about all the doom and gloom associated with our environmental issues? Us too! By combining our individual and collective experiences and solutions we can not only envision a greener landscape, but we will unleash innovative remedies to some of our most critical problems.

PCL’s dedication to environmental issues has helped formulate some of California’s most important environmental laws. Our present capabilities and fortitude demonstrate we are in this for the long haul to ensure more of California’s landscapes go green.

The 2010 Symposium was designed to equip participants with the tools to remedy critical environmental concerns. The Annual Symposium included dynamic keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, “How To…” workshops, MCLE courses, and an awards luncheon. During lunch, PCL and PCL Foundation honored six of California’s most effective, inspirational, and hard working environmental advocates.

Symposium Materials