PCL Insider – October 2018

PCL’s Endorsements for Nov 6th Ballot

YES on Prop 1

            Planning and Conservation League supports Proposition 1 as a way to promote more affordable housing for low-income families and veterans. This proposition would generate a $4 billion bond for housing-related programs and grants in order to help alleviate the housing crisis California is currently facing. A large portion of the bond would fund the Multifamily Housing Program, which provides incentives to preserve rental homes for low-income families. Other programs include helping veterans acquire houses, farms, and mobile homes and promoting housing development in high-density areas. The Planning and Conservation League supports this ballot measure in order to resolve the housing problem, promote better housing and land use policies, and shape a better California.
Link to campaign website: www.vetsandaffordablehousingact.org
YES on Prop 2
Proposition 1 and 2 were part of the package of housing bills that PCL has worked on for the last two years. As such, Planning and Conservation League also supports Proposition 2 as it addresses the issue of homelessness. Proposition 2 would use the revenue generated by the mental health services tax to provide housing for homeless people dealing with mental health issues. About a quarter of homeless people live in California alone, and those suffering from severe mental illness may never be able to find housing on their own. By funding housing projects specific for this group, Prop 2 would allow these people to access the care and space they need while making California streets safer.
Link to campaign website: www.cayesonprop2.org
YES on Prop 3
Proposition 3 is an $8.9 billion bond that will go towards funding various water improvement projects. Prop 3 allocates funds to provide clean water to disadvantaged communities, develop flood control, promote watershed restoration, and improve water quality. A portion of the funding will also focus on researching ways to efficiently use water resources through wastewater recycling, groundwater desalination, and water conservation. We believe that the beneficial funding from this bond will help support the long-term water needs of the future, which is why the Planning and Conservation League supports Proposition 3.
Link to campaign website: www.waterbond.org
NO on Prop 6
Proposition 6 would repeal a fuel and vehicle tax which funds California’s transportation infrastructure improvements. Established by SB1, this fuel tax generates $5 billion in revenue each year which goes towards funding public transportation, bike path and walkways, and road repair. Repealing this tax would sacrifice road safety and endanger our climate and air quality, as it would promote a reliance on fossil fuels and an increase in fuel emissions. Instead, California should focus on the future of transportation by funding green public transportation projects and encouraging people to walk and bike.
Link to campaign website: www.noprop6.com
Proposition 9 removed from the Ballot
Planning and Conservation League is proud to have removed Prop 9 from the November 6th Ballot, which would have resulted in California splitting into three separate states if it passed. You can read more about this initiative here.
Campaign Updates
Planning and Conservation League is continuing to partner with the National Wildlife Federation to promote national solutions that will result in better environmental policies for California. Here are some of the federal challenges we are currently addressing.
Promoting Better Biofuels
            The Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) establishes the production of corn ethanol to be mixed with gasoline for fuel. Unfortunately, corn ethanol production releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than was anticipated when the RFS was passed. As the RFS ramps up corn ethanol production each year, more wildlife habitat will be converted to cropland. Since its enactment in 2007, the RFS has caused a loss of 7 million acres worth of habitat, an area the size of Massachusetts. Congress introduced the GREENER Fuels Act to mitigate the environmental damage caused by RFS and invest in developing alternative biofuels with a smaller carbon footprint. PCL has been working on this campaign for over a year with the current goal of pushing more members of the California Congressional delegation to cosponsor the GREENER Fuels Act. Visit www.pcl.org/campaigns/reform-corn​ and ethanol.nwf.org for more information.
Funding Wildlife Conservation
            Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) is an Act recently introduced in Congress that would generate $600 million in funds for protecting endangered and threatened species. This funding is provided by federal mining and offshore oil lease revenues. California would receive $60 million per year to implement the California Wildlife Action Plan, which determines strategies on how to protect California’s at-risk species and return them to stable population levels. The Wildlife Action Plan identifies 678 animal species of greatest conservation need, including the Western Burrowing Owl, the Pacific Fisher, the Sage Grouse, and the Western Pond Turtle. PCL has spoken with Congress in Washington, DC to support this legislation and helped influence 15 California Representatives to cosponsor. Click here to find out more about Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.
Restoring Park Funding
            The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has funded national parks throughout the nation for 52 years. However, this fund was up for renewal on September 30th, 2018 and failed to pass. LWCF has contributed 2.4 billion in the last five years to maintain some of California’s most favorite parks, such as Tahoe National Forest, Sequoia National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Lassen Volcanic National Park, among many others. The LWCF also set aside funds to develop new national parks, local parks, beaches, and protected areas. PCL is currently working to bring back this fund, increase its budget, and protect it from ever expiring again. Visit www.lwcfcoalition.com for more information.