PCL releases the Equitable Infill Incentives Report

PCL has released the Infill report it has worked on with the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) throughout 2019. The goal of this report is to determine a new definition of infill for incentives that will better promote sustainable and equitable development as we combat California’s housing crisis. The report summarizes findings from a year of consultations and two PCL-hosted Roundtables that brought together builders, agencies, and advocates to address these challenges. While examining many past approaches in existing law and programs, these sessions sought to identify improved criteria for defining infill, as well as criteria to ensure this infill development is equitable, affordable, and does not result in the displacement of existing residents.

These discussions were informed by mapping and analysis conducted by CNT that examines the “location efficiency” of infill areas by vehicle miles traveled (VMT) performance, including household income factors. The report includes a summary of CNT’s analysis and the fully compiled statewide-mapping is also available at the website below.

PCL strongly believes that we need to address our housing goals in concert with our environmental, climate, health, and equity goals. This can only be possible by focusing our resources on infill development in a way that also protects existing communities. Our report outlines draft recommendations for criteria that we will continue to refine with our cross-interest stakeholders with the aim of establishing a new standard for equitable infill incentives and the way California directs its housing and infrastructure investment.

Visit pcl.org/infill to learn more about the program.